Software Engineer

in Philadelphia, PA

Job #:533018

Practice Area: IT

Date Posted: 09/16/2020

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ettain group is searching for an experienced Software Engineer!

• Research and implement python solutions with a team of developers
• Work with some of the most exciting open-source tools like Spark, Hadoop, Docker, Airflow, Zeppelin
• Leverage distributed computing and server-less architecture such as AWS EMR & AWS Lambda, to develop pipelines for transforming data
• Produce peer reviewed quality software
• Solve complex problems related to the real-time discovery of large data

• Experienced in writing scalable applications on distributed architectures
• Data driven, testing and measuring as much as you can
• Eager to both review peer code and have your code reviewed
• Comfortable on the command line and consider it an essential tool
• Confident in SQL, you know it, write smart queries, it’s no big deal

Skills and experience
• 5+ years of experience in programming in languages such as: Python, Ruby, Perl, C++, Java
• Expert knowledge of design patterns, multi-threaded systems, and automated unit testing
• Experienced in processing large scale data

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