Selenium Automation Engineer

in Raleigh, NC

Job #:279971

Practice Area: IT

Date Posted: 02/10/2020

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Selenium Automation Engineer

-             2+ Years of automation (ideally in selenium)

-             Java based Scripting Ideal (or any other OOO Language)

-             The framework exists (page Object Model & TestNG)

-             Job will be focused on coding from scratch inside the existing framework.

-             Communication skills & communication style are key (verbal, articulate, communication of project time lines, can answer direct questions, can have an open ended conversation)

-             Innovative- Looking for someone who shares ideas, who wants to see things done better, someone that can show what they brought to previous companies (what improvements).  Teams mentality “we will try anything once” sometimes have really BAD ideas, sometimes they are pure brilliance.

Teller Replacement ProjectThe bank is replacing the Teller System used by 500+ Branches.   The goal of the project is to replace the front end (GUI / Software the Tellers use) and maintain the backend system to support the new front end which currently runs on a legacy mainframe.  The bank bought a 3rd party software (“Digital One”) and FIS (Vendor) is doing the customizations / configurations.   The Software package Digital One is owned by Zemmonics (where FIS is a part owner). Three out of 12 Sprints (4 week sprints) have completed and there are already 400+ bugs; down to 43 bugs before starting sprint 4 in January 2020.  This is leading a very large, complex project and working with 3rd party software (Digital One), and a 3rd party (FIS) for the customization / development.  FIS is also outsourcing some of the development to Zemonics.

-             4 Sprints are complete, Sprint 5 Manual Testing started February 4th (Sprint 0,1,2 have been fully automated end of January).  Automation was delayed previously because no sprints were closed up until recently and effectively there is regression testing the entire project

-             Manual Testing Iterations – Roughly 4 week Sprints.  There are 12 total sprints, currently they are in Sprint 5. 

-             Team Structure – Over 50 People In QA  

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