OnCore Project Manager

in Chapel Hill, NC

Job #:278585

Practice Area: Healthcare IT

Date Posted: 11/26/2019

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Job title: OnCore Project Manager
 Chapel Hill, NC
Terms:  Contract-to-hire

Requirements:  Experience with an OnCore implementation, Epic experience, prior project management experience

Job Description:

This position will lead the planning and implementation, rollout, upgrades and maintenance of the Forte - OnCore clinical trials management system (CTMS). This position is responsible for the overall direction, coordination, implementation and execution of the OnCore CTMS, working with the OnCore Implementation Governance Committee to establish clear project goals and objectives. Provide consistent and comprehensive status reports and project updates. Collaborate with the client for integration with the Epic electronic medical record.  Regularly monitor significant issue tracking and ongoing costs. Facilitate the migration of data from the current CTMS systems into OnCore. Serves as the liaison between Forte and the client. Establishes accurate and well communicated implementation procedures. Must be able to work independently.

Our ideal candidate will have skills that fit the new event-driven design, but also the aptitude to understand & support our existing batch platform. Beyond technical proficiency, key attributes required include a ‘can do’ attitude, flexibility in working across a range of technologies, and a passion for digging into data.

Job Responsibilities:

Serves as the CTMS Project Manager responsible for leading the OnCore CTMS enterprise-wide implementation and roll-out from initiation and planning through execution and close and then ongoing maintenance and upgrades:

·        Understand and provide recommendations for the application set up to align with the client's organizational goals for clinical research.

·        Finalizes the implementation schedule and sprints in collaboration with the OnCore CTMS vendor project manager and client leadership and OnCore CTMS governance committee,

·        Drives task completion, monitors resource allocation, tracks issue resolution, and enforces timeline and scope adherence throughout the process,

·        Ensures accountability for deliverables by monitoring the progress of the project and make adjustments as necessary to ensure the successful completion of the project.

·        Identifies and mitigates risks and issues.

·        Establish a communication plan and schedule to update key stakeholders by facilitating and contributing to weekly status meeting with OnCore and the client project team. Facilitate monthly meetings with the OnCore Implementation Governance Committee, providing status updates.

·        Respond to inquiries from key stakeholders and end-users. Troubleshoot issues.


Responsible for engaging with client leadership and stakeholders for enterprise-wide OnCore CTMS implementation, roll-out, upgrades and maintenance to:

·        Identify and develop organizational policies and guidelines.

·        Set priorities for the organization.

·        Resolve questions that arise during the implementation, roll-out, upgrades and maintenance phases.

·        Successfully escalate barriers to senior leadership


Develops and manages the client team including developing position descriptions and identifying, hiring, supervising and directing qualified applicants to:                                                      

·        Meet OnCore CTMS implementation and maintenance goals.

·        Develop and provide training and user support.

·        Define and document business processes.


Identifies and coordinates with super users from research administration offices, colleges, departments, divisions and centers who serve as the first point of contact for user support and training in their areas.

·        Directs and oversees super user training and end user training.

·        Develops and updates training materials.

·        Assesses training needs and provides ongoing training ranging from follow-up training to new employee training.

·        Creates detailed processes and other end user documentation driven by super users.


In collaboration with research administration offices, colleges, departments and divisions, subject matter experts and the CTMS vendor team, defines and documents workflow processes, policies, and procedures:                                                                                                                                                                             

·        Coordinates and collaborates with subject matter experts with functional expertise in coverage analysis, budgeting and sponsor invoicing, subject management, regulatory management, etc. to guide application setup, data migration mapping, and process development.

·        Coordinates with the appropriate offices and teams to define workflows to enter, review and validate protocols, calendars, budgets, coverage analysis, invoicing milestones and invoiceables and other protocol information entered into the new CTMS.


Serves as the client CTMS liaison coordinating activities across technical teams including the CTMS vendor Project Manager.

·        Define and complete technical planning and setup and finalize the implementation schedule and sprints,

·        Obtain security approval and to determine details related to network, security, and access requirements

·        Manage standard reports and create custom reports per reporting needs as defined by super users and organizational leadership, colleges, departments and centers,

·        Coordinate implementation tasks related to moving data from UNC legacy systems (CRMS) to the new CTMS including gathering, organizing, and mapping legacy data to the CTMS data fields either for manual entry or data import scripts,

·        Define and deploy standard and custom integrations to support the needs of the UNC research community ensuring that the technical infrastructure (VPN tunnels, firewalls, etc.) required by CTMS and the third-party systems are set-up and communications can occur between the CTMS and third-party systems where the CTMS will query for information. Integrations include: • Demographics, • OnCore API (used for integration with IRBIS or HR systems), • RPE (send protocol and subject data to Epic), • CRPC (send protocol billing grid to Epic


How to Apply:

For immediate attention please apply online and send a text message to Carson Gardner at 919-287-3975 with your full name, job title, and location.

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